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Beccles Triathlon 2024 - AND NEW AQUATHLON

The 2024 Beccles Triathlon and Aquathlon will take place on Sunday 9th June. Come and cheer on our local triathletes!

Lottery Winners

One of the best ways to financially support the Lido is to join our monthly lottery for just £2.50 a month. December's winners were:

1st Prize £236.25 D Bull
2nd Prize £141.75 D Johnson
3rd Prize £94.50 W Lindley

Beccles Beer Festival 2023

Our biggest fundraiser of the year, the Beccles Beer Festival, will take place Friday 10th - Sunday 12th November 2023

Chill Swim Advice

Chill Swims – why JUST WHY? By Shaun Crowley

Thunderstorms - cancellation policy

These are the steps we will be taking when thunderstorms are forecast:


Our gas is set to go up 800% in July - help us keep the lido OPEN