Sue & Simon's Fundraiser

Sue and Simon

Our intrepid fundraising duo, Sue and Simon, are at it again!

After their successful 5.25 mile swim at Lake Coniston last summer, which raised over £1200 for the Lido, they're going even bigger this year with a 7.5 mile swim at Ullswater on the 13th of July!

The question is, with an even bigger swim can we hit an even bigger fundraising target? Anything given is greatly appreciated by Sue, Simon and the the Lido Team.

The Lido continues to struggle with high gas bills for running the pool. This problem is made worse by the continued poor weather experienced for much of this summer. Cold weather means costs stay high and income stays low, which in turn can mean important maintenance and improvement projects can be put on hold or worse, the future of the business brought into question.


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