Lottery Winners


One of the best ways to financially support the Lido is to join our monthly lottery for just £2.50 a month.

If you would like to join the Beccles Lido Lottery please download an application form or pick one up from the Lido.

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August 2022:

1st Prize £236.00 J Brant
2nd Prize £141.40 S Crowley
3rd Prize £94.40 F Rampling

July 2022:

1st Prize £242.25 R Hemmings
2nd Prize £146.35 N Crisp
3rd Prize £96.90 E Aldred

June 2022:

1st Prize £242.25 G Westmacott
2nd Prize £146.35 J Westfield
3rd Prize £96.90 F Rampling

May 2022:

1st Prize £241.00 Rushmore
2nd Prize £146.00 P Howes
3rd Prize £96.00 F Horseman

April 2022:

1st Prize £235.50 PJ Simmons
2nd Prize £145.50 R G Saunders
3rd Prize £95.00 P Harrison

March 2022:

1st Prize £224.00 R Cooper
2nd Prize £150.00 D Wilson
3rd Prize £93.00 H Edmonson

February 2022:

1st Prize £250.40 C McGregor
2nd Prize £150.10 H Storr
3rd Prize £100.00 J Webber

January 2022:

1st Prize £262.37 A Fuller
2nd Prize £158.31 M Hill
3rd Prize £104.07 J Redgrave

December 2021:

1st Prize £253.31 E L Cunningham
2nd Prize £152.16 A Norton
3rd Prize £101.00 E Wareham

November 2021:

1st Prize £245.75 Saunders
2nd Prize £146.74 J Fenton
3rd Prize £98.00 J Franklin

October 2021:

1st Prize £250.50 M Saunders
2nd Prize £150.25  
3rd Prize £100.00  

September 2021:

1st Prize £242.75 Piper
2nd Prize £145.75 J Sutton
3rd Prize £97.00 G Coward


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