We Need Your Help

Last week our electricity fixed rate expired and the price we pay for electricity doubled. Our gas is set to go up 800% in July – that’s a £100,000+ bill in 2023 and a £200,000+ bill in 2024!!!!

So we need to get fundraising again –

💷 £10,000 would allow us to double our Solar PV

💷 £20,000 would allow us to maximise our Solar PV

That would make a big dent in our electric bills

But the game changer could be heat pumps to heat the pool – that could cost more than 10 times as much but with the bills we are facing it could still make economic sense!

We will be looking for grants and any help and advice we can get, but in the meantime, if you would like to kick start our fundraising you can make a donation via PayPal , or get in touch with us at Equally, please drop some change (or notes) in our donations bucket next time you come for a swim.

You can also help us by signing the Swim England petition to #SaveOurPools. Swim England are lobbying the government to help swimming pools with the huge energy costs and prevent them from closing. There is also information on the website for how you can contact your local MP to encourage them to help us.

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